Social Media is the perfect way to speak to your customers and gain a new audience. Unfortunately, not many businesses know how to use it correctly.   Social media is all about being … SOCIAL! Sounds simple right? Well, it is, but it’s not just about promoting your business.  It’s about engaging with the community around you, listening and talking to people who could be potential customers, adding value and getting involved.

Unfortunately, this takes time and planning.  Do you have a social media strategy?  Do you have the time to spend putting this in place? Do you have great content and do you curate content?   Are you feeling slightly panicked now? Don’t worry, Wee Bit Social can help.

Speak to me about different options for social media management and training. I can run a 6-month campaign to give your business a boost!  Or I can provide an ongoing day to day social media management package.  Perhaps you only want help with one platform, that’s ok too!  Talk to me today about making your business a Wee Bit more Social.

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Social Media for Business Training

This is a great option for businesses who like a little DIY and want to run their own channels but are unsure about exactly where to start. I can put together a bespoke training package for your business for each platform required, showing you exactly how best to highlight your brand on each.  The training I offer is one to one and in person, tailored specifically to your business.  Social media isn’t a one size fits all and neither is your business, so I think it’s important to offer personal training to match your requirements.  I will even provide you with some content ideas to get you started.

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Next Steps…

Wee Bit Social is a small business and as such, super committed to helping small businesses to optimise their social media platforms so that they work more effectively on a day to day basis. I create packages to suit ALL budget’s depending on what you are looking for, as well as bespoke business training.  Get in touch today and talk to me about making YOUR business a wee bit more social.