Wee Option 1

1 to 1 Bespoke Facebook & Instagram Training – How To Make The Most Of Your Business Pages

    • I start the process by sending you a client brief so that I can find out about your current platforms and current social media problems and future goals.  
    • I will then develop your totally bespoke training package: 
    • An audit of your current channels
    • How to begin with social media – establishing goals/audience & demographic/correct channels.
    • Building your social media strategy
    • Rules & Etiquette for each platform along with tips & tricks. 
    • Content – What type of content you should be posting & why / Curated vs created content / choosing the right types of content for your audience / Why you need a content chart & how to create one / How user-generated content can help your business. 
    • Repurposing content for different channels to save time.
    • Why you shouldn’t be a dodgy salesperson and how to keep your content interesting.
    • Building a community/ why it’s important to engage and how to do it.
    • Why you should be bringing your own personality to your business pages and how to do it.
    • Influencer marketing
    • Analytics and how to check your content is hitting the right spot.
    • Depending on channels required this may also include hashtags / Facebook groups / Instagram stories 
    • Price £290.00 for 2 platforms – training within central Edinburgh – price will vary for travel.  ( Monthly payment options available )
    • Includes workbook and follow up Skype chat. 

                  £210.00 for one platform.

“I have just worked with Marti to help engage my brain into the world of social media, and how to use this effectively for my new business. Marti is fab, so easy to talk to, and she really does know her social! Thank you so much, Marti, for giving me the guidance needed to get things running in the right direction. I would highly recommend Wee Bit Social to anyone needing a bit of help and guidance in the world of social media, thanks again Marti!” 

Claire – Team Beachwear 


Wee Option 2

Small Business Audit  

This is my budget-friendly offering for small businesses on a tight budget who want help with their social media platforms but can’t stretch to training or management just yet. 

 A simple, super quick way to get some advice on your business pages without leaving your sofa!

  • Drop me an email with your social media handles and details of your website and business.
  • I will then conduct a thorough audit of your pages and email you a report with suggestions on how to make your page better.  What you are doing fantastically and what you maybe need to stop doing so much of.
  • I will also include suggestions for going forward to tighten up your pages to make them look more professional & tips for going forward.
  • £50.00 for one platform
  • £65.00 for two platforms
  • £80.00 for three platforms.

“Just had an audit done with Marti and I am so glad I did. She gave me so so many great tips which I can’t wait to try out while also making me feel good about what I’ve already been doing. Thanks so much” 

Jasmine – Gabriella’s Wardrobe


Wee Option 3

Social Media Strategy

  • If you want to run your own channels but just need a plan to get started I can provide you with a full social media strategy ready for you to put in place.  It’s a foolproof social media plan ready to go with ideas, tips and tricks for you to roll out across your channels. 
  • I will send you through a client brief to get started, after which time I will develop a strategy for your business which will include:
  • An audit of your current channels.
  • Target audience personas
  • Branded content chart
  • Content – curated and created ideas to carry forward and keys to success for putting them in place. Types of content that would work for your audience and why.
  • Influencer list for your brand.
  • Advice on advertising and platforms.
  • Setting KPI’s and what you need to be measuring.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Instagram Stories and how you can utilise them / Twitter Lists / Tweetchats / Hashtags – entirely dependant on platforms.
  • Analytics
  • The strategy package also includes a 2-hour strategy session to discuss the above step by step and talk through any concerns or questions you may have.
  • Price starting at £550.00 for meeting within central Edinburgh or via Skype for two platforms. 

“Marti’s absolutely brilliant to work with. I was incredibly impressed with the strategy and proposal she put together when we first met, and ever since have been really very happy with all of her work and ideas for my social media. More importantly, I’m also now getting more and more work from my Instagram, so she’s really making a difference. I couldn’t recommend her enough, in fact, I’m forever recommending her to other small businesses.”

Gilly Ligertwood – Gilly Nicolson Bed Linen 


Wee Option 4

Wee Social Chat 

Sort of like a power hour, only less scary sounding, and it’s with me so it’s definitely not scary! 

The best thing about the Wee Social chat is that you can use it however you want, whatever you need it for! 

Perhaps you just feel really unsure about your social right now and you just want someone who knows what they are doing to help guide you through your current worries and talk through your general social media questions.  

Or maybe you want someone to help you plan your social media content at the start of the month each month to help give you a bit more focus and help get things done.  Sort of like a mini social media manager without the hefty price tag. 

Maybe, you just don’t have the motivation right now and you just really need someone straight talking to give you a kick in the arse!   That’s me! 

And that’s what the Wee Social Chat is for!  You can book a call every month, or you can use them as and when you need them.   To get started drop me an email and I’ll drop you a little note with a few questions about where you are right now so that I can get a better idea of how to get you through to judges houses!  

Includes: 1 hour Skype 
This is for you if you’re a small business with a small budget but still need some social media help and don’t like commitment. 

Wee Option 5

Social Media Management 

For those businesses who don’t have the time or the inclination to run their own social media channels, I also specialise in social media management.   If you want a little boost, I offer short contracts alongside longer management.  Some businesses would like help with engagement, others just want help with content, some like the full monty!

Because all businesses all totally different and require different things, I don’t include a one size fits all price for social media management.

Please get in touch to find out more and allow me to develop a package to fit your business.