“Marti came to my salon to do social media training and it was great!! We all learned so much and it was money well spent and great value. Our social media stats and engagement has really increased since so we are really happy and highly recommend wee bit social. The session was so well tailored to our business and really engaging. Thanks so much”  Lauren McGinty – Womankind Beauty 

I highly recommend Marti Jeremiah-Shelley she has the most amazing way of making you feel confident and relaxed in the slightly scary world of social media. Her knowledge and skills are phenomenal and her personality and positivity is contagious, having just completed a course today I feel like I can achieve anything with her help. BOOK NOW, it’s the best money I have spent on my business all year. Kirsty Bell – My Happy Journal

“Marti’s absolutely brilliant to work with. I was incredibly impressed with the strategy and proposal she put together when we first met, and ever since have been really very happy with all of her work and ideas for my social media. More importantly, I’m also now getting more and more work from my Instagram, so she’s really making a difference. I couldn’t recommend her enough, in fact, I’m forever recommending her to other small businesses.”  Gilly Ligertwood – Gilly Nicolson Bed Linen 

“Marti is a friendly, creative and energetic person with great skills and knowledge within social media management. She is super easy to work and communicate with.   With me, Marti went the extra mile to better identify, understand and communicate our brand messaging. This coupled with her advanced social media skills gave me unexpected results that exceeded my expectations and it continued even after the campaign had ended. Marti is highly recommended.”  Klerissa McDonald – Curly By Nature

“I have been using different social platforms for some time, but felt I needed a bit of help to see if I was doing things right. This is where Marti comes in. She is a breath of fresh air. She looked through what platforms I was using and told me which ones she felt were working for me and which ones I should ditch or at least not spend so much time on.  The way she explains things is so clear and I had a few ‘a-ha’ moments with her that have made my interaction with social so much easier. If anyone is at a bit of a loss as to what to do or if you just need an MOT for you social then Marti is your lady (and a wonderful and convivial one at that). I can not recommend her highly enough.   I will be booking myself in for an MOT in the future.”  Rebekah McVitie – Rebekah McVitie Make Up 

“As a sole trader, with a social media and advertising background, I thought the audit Marti did for me (on year 3 of my business) was so beneficial.  Very professional, detailed and I’ve already made amends based around Marti’s feedback. It allowed me to use someone who had nothing to do with ‘me’ (not in a bad way as I think Marti is wonderful!) but she was able (as a stranger) to give constructive criticism, rather than for me to just hear ‘you’re doing great’…  I think when you are so busy as a mum, business owner, creative, it’s hard to step outside the business and the busy’ness. But Marti allowed that for me. One less thing to do. And I’m all the better for it.”  Lauren Jamieson – The Colourful Edit