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3 Types Of Content You Need To Create For Your Sales Funnel

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Sales Funnels, it’s very “markety speak” I actually prefer to call it your customer journey, but what the hell is a customer journey I hear you sighing about having to create yet even MORE content in a content-laden social media landscape, but don’t worry, because you are probably already doing at least one of the steps without even knowing it.

Research has shown that most people need to see content around 7 times before it actually sinks in, depressing isn’t it? So what does this mean for you apart from repeating yourself a LOT?

Well, there’s actually quite a lot! If you think about your customer journey, or what a customer actually does and sees before they become a customer it’s very very simple and can be broken down into
3 simple steps.

⚡Step 1. Brand Awareness – Your customers need to know you exist before they can buy your products, so what are you doing to draw new people into your “funnel” or the beginning of their journey ( not in an X factor way!) Reels are a great content option for this, they have better reach than other posts on Instagram at the moment and they can draw in a new audience to your grid. – Provided they are entertaining, fun, add value and have a great hook.

⚡Step 2. Build Trust – Once you have an audience your aim should be to move them into the middle of your funnel or as I like to say on the way to the bar to meet you for a drink in their journey.
Think about content that shows how great you are – testimonials, case studies, showing that you are awesome and that you can back up what you are saying.

⚡Step 3. Final Destination – Lastly, the end action or bottom of the funnel – in the customer journey they’ve arrived and ordered a mojito ( other drinks are available.) Once you’ve established all of this in various different types of content and formats, it’s thinking about calls to action, whether that’s signing up for a newsletter, heading to a website or checking out a course and booking a ticket.

It’s important to think about different types of content for each part of the customer journey, not just posting pics of your products and how they can book for your services!

It’s like dating, you can’t go in for the kill too soon you have to get to know them and vice versa, getting to know your audience, providing them with value and showing them your trustworthiness before you ask them to do anything.

In most people’s minds the “best product” is the product or brand they know. So get to know your customers and let them get to know you before you give them the call to action, it is after all all about the journey.