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Linkedin & Instagram 
like a boss!

This is for you if you are currently just “plodding along” posting every few days with no plan and no real clue,  just keeping things ticking over.

But wouldn’t it be great to actually see results from your efforts and know that what you are doing with your social media marketing is actually working! 

Whether a complete beginner or you’ve been using either platform for awhile you will learn how to use Instagram and LinkedIn effectively to enable you to run your own platforms, a more engaged community of loyal followers and more sales.

YouTube and Instagram grid tips from experts are great, but wouldnt it be great to get a full and comprehensive focused training session bespoke for you and your business which will enable you to create your own social media marketing strategy and feel totally confident creating your own content going forward.  

Its basically all you need to know to run an Instagram or LinkedIn page for your business designed specifically for you. 
All training is focused around your business and your industry because one size never fits all. 

Two in person sessions in central Edinburgh for LinkedIn training 
Three in person sessions in central Edinburgh for Instagram training 

Zoom sessions also available.  

    £650.00 for LinkedIn training includes catch up session 
    £960.00 for Instagram training  includes separate 2 hour session on Reels & video content & catch up session 
    £1500 for both platforms
    Payment plans available  Price based on 1 -1 


    what they say

    Love love LOVE Marti!
    She’s a fantastic teacher, totally relatable and I left with loads of ideas on how to move my Instagram forward.
    Would highly recommend!