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Are you trying to do “All the things” run your business, market your business, send out your monthly newsletter, sort out your admin and well, Instagram tends to be the last minute afterthought you just quickly post last minute?

Perhaps you know who your customers are but you aren’t sure how to talk to them or what type of content to post to promote your small business? Or perhaps the thought of coming up with new content every single week is enough to make you want to just pack it all in?

Do you just need someone to just have a look at what you’re doing and tell you what to do to “fix” things?
I totally get it and I’m not gonna lie – there’s no quick fix solution.

But what if I could teach you how to build your own social media marketing strategy that you could confidently put in place and schedule a well thought out plan weeks in advance to grab your customers attention and create an engaged, growing community of loyal fans. Most importantly, no more last-minute posting.

Sounds amazing right?

With this in mind I have created a selection of services to suit every budget, but please get in touch if you want to find out a little more.


All the wee services

Linkedin & Instagram like a boss!

We will run through every aspect of the social media platform chosen and how to use it for YOUR business including how to build your community, the right way!

getting reel with video 

This is for those of you that havent yet attempted Reels, or those of you who need a little reel help! I promise no pointing or dancing!

wtf chat 

Are you stuck on content?
Hashtags? Content Pillars? Maybe you’ve got no idea when it comes to Influencer outreach?
Or your copy just feels a little … urgh.
Maybe you just need a little monthly accountability?
Book me in for a power hour as and when you need it, it’s like having your own personal SMM on call.

 kick arse Content coaching 

Do you feel a bit clueless when it comes to what to post every month?  You kinda know what you want to say but not sure how to do it, or you are just completely out of ideas and would like a little help brainstorming when it comes to video content?   This is for you. 

social glow up & strategy session 

Do you feel like you kinda know what you’re doing, but could do with some expert advice so that you know you’re actually on the right track?
Are you posting just for the sake of posting with no idea why and getting stuck every month on what to post?
Or, are you posting with purpose?


get in touch to find out about social media management 

what they say

“Marti’s absolutely brilliant to work with. I was incredibly impressed with the strategy and proposal she put together when we first met, and ever since have been really very happy with all of her work and ideas for my social media. More importantly, I’m also now getting more and more work from my Instagram, so she’s really making a difference. I couldn’t recommend her enough, in fact, I’m forever recommending her to other small businesses.”


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