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getting reel with video 


Vertical video should be a part of your Instagram strategy for 2023, no longer can you just post some stock photos and hope for the best. 

I know so many people who are uncomfortable with video – this was me, I mean have you heard my accent?  Its AWFUL! 

But, if I wanted to move with the times and the times are shouting very loudly VIDEO VIDEO! I had to get over it and get excited about showing up in video form.  Whether that was reels or just an introduction of me and my business, its the way forward. 

Reels are such a fun way to show your business and give a more 360 view of you and what you have to offer and I promise there are so many ways to use them without dancing or feeling like a dick!

This session will include a step by step guide to creating video content packed with fun and value your followers will love and show the algorithym that you content is worth suggesting to potential new followers!  

You will walk away from this training with 5 super easy reels ideas and audio specifically tailored to you and your business, whether you are an Instagram pro and just lost your mojo or youre a complete beginner and scared to show your face. 

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve yet to make your first reel, or you just want some creative ideas and confidence get in touch now for a chat or to book your getting reel with video session. 

Includes: A 2 hour session & follow up coaching session to keep you on track. 


what they say

Having a meeting with Marti is like having a chat with a good friend who is enthusiastic about your business!

She comes prepared with lots of ideas and tips specific to your business and your comfort zone and I immediately recorded a reel after our session having not done so for many months previous.

I’ve got a guide on structure and a tonne of ideas, original and trending. Looking forward to the follow up accountability call!