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what they say

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Marti came to my salon to do social media training and it was great!! We all learned so much and it was money well spent and great value. Our social media stats and engagement has really increased since so we are really happy and highly recommend wee bit social. The session was so well tailored to our business and really engaging. Thanks so much.


I had the pleasure of an Instagram and reels training session with Marti a couple of months ago and it was just perfect for me.
I was pretty clueless to say the least (!) but Marti was so patient and took her time taking me through all the steps then caught up with me few weeks later to check in and see if I had any questions for her.  It’s been the best money I have spent on my business this year!


Marti was fantastic in kickstarting and developing Tutors United’s social media and marketing activity.
Marti took the time needed to understand our target market, imitate our brand voice, and create a great action plan, which consistently increased our engagement.
Marti shared the knowledge throughout the team and provided us with all the key insights to ensure we could sustain the work she started.
Marti is extremely knowledgeable and an absolute joy to work with.
I wish she was a permanent part of our team!


As a sole trader, with a social media and advertising background, I thought the audit Marti did for me (on year 3 of my business) was so beneficial. Very professional, detailed and I’ve already made amends based around Marti’s feedback. It allowed me to use someone who had nothing to do with ‘me’ (not in a bad way as I think Marti is wonderful!) but she was able (as a stranger) to give constructive criticism, rather than for me to just hear ‘you’re doing great’… I think when you are so busy as a mum, business owner, creative, it’s hard to step outside the business and the busy’ness. But Marti allowed that for me. One less thing to do. And I’m all the better for it.


I had a reels power hour with Marti and it was so helpful! Not only did she explain all the different options, show me how to post, and give me the do’s and don’ts; she’d also searched for and thought of ideas which were specifically suited to my business. I have already posted my first few reels and have seen much better engagement on my profile already! Thanks so much Marti!


She was just bloomin’ fantastic, there is literally no other way to say it!
She made it seem so much fun and far less scary than I thought and I actually can’t wait to get cracking!
She is super professional with a wicked sense of humour and that instantly put me at ease.
Thanks Wee Bit Social for just being a Wee Bit Of Fun in this crazy world. Highly recommend her, she is a POWERHOUSE!


I would recommend Wee Bit Social to anyone wanting to understand the social media platform. Marti is approachable, friendly and so easy to understand if you’re not fluent in business/strategy.
I’ve loved meeting with her and can’t wait to take my business to the next level


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