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A 30 minute wee chat to find out if we’re a good match! I offer a selection of services to suit all budgets and this is your chance to talk through what you need help with and how I can best help you.

Sometimes you dont really know what you want you just want someone to “fix things” so this is a no obligation chat to talk through your business, the issues you’re having and for me to get more of an idea of how I can best help you make the most of your time with an option that suits your budget!

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Marti at Wee Bit Social is a breath of fresh air for your business. We contacted her for assistance with Fifth Frame Films’ social media strategy. She provided clear, practical analysis and advice on our existing practices and platforms, spent time understanding our industry and came up with a bespoke, detailed strategy for our business which is easy to implement and follow. There have already been some measurable outcomes in terms of client engagement. Marti is helpful, knowledgeable and approachable and we would highly recommend her for any B2B or B2C businesses looking to refine their social media practices.


do you want to bring more of You to your content?

I know it can be a struggle to show up online if you’re not an extrovert, it can feel weird, cringe & just not you, I get it.

But showing up and bringing the personality doesn’t have to be painful, in fact there are ways you can show your personality without showing your face OR dancing!

Download this free guide and find out how today

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