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Tips For Getting Started On Reels And Why You Should.

Reels, they should be fun right?

When they first came out I was in the camp of – “OH god not ANOTHER Instagram feature we need to get our head around!! Who’s got time for this shit?”

But, after about 3 or 4 months of them coming up in my search function, I have to admit I was hooked! They are so much fun & they are being favoured by the Instagram gods to give you way more reachability ( is that even a word) than any other type of content on Instagram right now, so like it or not they are a must.

But ” I haven’t got time to create Reels,” I hear you say.. “They are a huge faff and I’m not good with tech.”
I hear that! However, when you break down what a Reel actually is, it’s just a 15 or 30 second video with music – or without and the option to add captions.. I know a lot of you have used video content in your grid before, so what’s so different? And what’s amazing is, they will get you seen by a whole new audience this time around…

So, it’s time to deal with the REEL!
But it doesn’t have to be difficult.
Here are my top tips for Reels for beginners…

⚡For a super easy first attempt at a reel & I mentioned this yesterday try doing a remix – it’s the lazy person’s super-easy way to do a reel… You click on a reel you love and either attempt what they are doing, just record your reaction watching it – ala my frog reel remix, or just your thoughts on it. – EASY! ⠀

⚡ A Reel is really just a video with music or captions over it, so could you think about showing your workspace -, or your process, packing orders, show your gift wrapping, making your products, or new products, packing a customer order, add some fun music and that’s a reel! You need to stop the mindset of reels being complicated. ⠀
Show your products and add captions it’s as simple as that. ⠀

⚡But speaking of fun … You knew that was coming didn’t, you little minx! What’s wrong with a bit of fun? You don’t have to lipsync – try and have a little fun with it, reels were created for people to have a bit of fun and let loose, show your personality! ⠀

If you have kids, get them involved!! I’m not saying that you need to do what I do but they can be super helpful coming up with ideas or even just holding the camera for you!

⚡My best advice though ….. Is spending time on reels – I’m flicking through every single day and constantly coming up with ideas for what to do, it doesn’t have to be related to business could you do a behind-the-scenes reel, or a walk you love? ⠀

Above all, reels are fun, so experiment and let me know how you get on. Reels should be a part of your social media marketing strategy for your small business, they will help you increase reach to new followers, increase engagement and hopefully bag you a few loyal new followers.

If you want to chat reels feel free to drop me a dm or book a power hour and we can REELY get into it.